We are the original 1099SERVICE.COM.

We have been filing electronic forms since the Internal Revenue Service began the program. Our clients have enjoyed our service since 1995.

1099SERVICE.COM provides the following nationwide personal service to you:

      1. We electronically file your company’s annual IRS Forms 1099
      2. We mail or post to our secure web site Company Copies of Form 1099.
      3. We will mail by USPS or secure email your payee’s 1099 directly to them.
      4. We will retain the ability to reproduce your documents for four years.

Insurance Companies - Accounting Firms - Real Estate Closing Companies    Contractors - Legal Offices - Payroll Service Providers

We provide Electronic Filing directly to the Internal Revenue Service or Social Security Administration, in the case of W-2 Forms. Tax law requires you to file electronically if you file more than 250 forms, our service provides electronic filing from 1 to 10,000 forms.

Use our FAX or Secure Web Site for confidential information transfer.

Please feel free to call us for a quote:

In the East (603) 889-3255

In the West (360) 419-4406